Monday, April 5, 2010

Steps to Keep Your Skin Organic

Somewhere in time cosmetic companies decided it was a good idea to add chemicals to skin care while luring us into thinking that these products actually helped our skin. The movement today is to get back to basics and quit inundating our bodies with unnatural toxins. Taking simple steps to keep your skin organic will lead to a healthier body.
  • Read ingredients on all skin care products and know what you are buying.
  • Research ingredients to educate yourself on the dangers of chemicals used in skin care.
  • Support companies that create products that are healthy for you and contain no chemicals.
  • Send a message to cosmetic companies that use harmful ingredients and don't buy their products.
If everyone took small steps to eliminate toxins one product at a time, our skin, health and planet would benefit from this healthy lifestyle change. Take the first step today and keep your skin organic!

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