Friday, March 5, 2010

Karite Shea Butter

What is the difference between karite shea butter and African shea butter?

They are the same thing. Shea butter is extracted from the fruit of the karite (or shea) tree in Africa. It grows naturally in the wild. These fruits are harvested, dried, then ground into powder. The powder is boiled where the oil rises to the top and collected and then solidifies.

This super hydrating butter has a high degree of healing properties and is excellent for dry, chapped lips and skin, eczema, burns, wrinkles and insect bites to name a few.

Most shea is refined to take out impurities. Many commercial companies use the chemical "hexane" to refine which removes most of the healing properties. Certified organic shea is filtered through earthen clay and never uses any chemicals but still retains a high degree of healing qualities.

If you are feeling the "winter dry skin", your best defense is karite shea butter that is certified organic.

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