Monday, March 8, 2010

Bar Soap Organic

There are many harmful ingredients in soap. Here are some dangers in soap and good reasons to keep your bar soap organic:
  • Sodium tallowate is often used to make bar soap. It is the fat renderings from meat processing. Hormones, antibiotics and toxins are stored in animal fat and then this fat is used to make soap.
  • Sodium lauryl sulfates are added to soap to make it lather more. This chemical can cause skin irritation.
  • Fragrances are used to give soap its scent. There are over 200 reported chemicals used in fragrances but none have to be listed in the ingredients because they are cloaked under the word "fragrances".
Look for ingredients that are certified organic and use plant oils to make the bar soap not animal fat. The scent should come from essential oils which come directly from the plant. Healing herbs also contribute to the overall scent of the soap.

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