Friday, February 5, 2010

Body Exfoliants From Polyethylene

The cosmetics industry never ceases to amaze me. The latest news is body exfoliants from polyethylene. These are finely ground pieces of petroleum based plastic. They never biodegrade (well not for 2 thousand years) and they are too small for sewer filters to catch so they wash down the drain into our sewers, rivers and oceans. They pollute the environment and are harmful and deadly to aquatic critters.

A healthier option for our bodies and the environment would be to use jojoba beads, ground coffee beans, oatmeal, grape seeds and coarse sugar. All are biodegradable but still do a wonderful job exfoliating your skin. Products don't have to be complicated to work well. In fact, simpler is often times better. Many toxins in skin care products dry and irritate the skin. Keep it natural and organic, your body will thank you!

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