Saturday, December 5, 2009

Safe Skin-Keeping Chemicals Out of Cosmetics

I read about a nonprofit organization called "Search For The Cause". It's a group of teens trying to transform the world by researching and eliminating toxins that threaten our health and the environment. One area they focus on is safe skin.

Another related organization called "Teens for Safe Cosmetics" compiled a list of thirty chemical ingredients that may be linked to cancer called "The Dirty Thirty". This list was constructed with the aid of a chemist and the chemicals were investigated for their potential harm to health.

Most people don't realize that the cosmetics industry isn't regulated. They regulate themselves which is why there are so many chemicals in cosmetics. As more and more girls and women become aware of the hazards in most skin care there will be a movement towards healthier products. Download your copy of the "Dirty Thirty" and become a label reader to educate yourself on chemicals in skin care.

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