Monday, December 28, 2009

Liquid Organic Soap

What ingredients make up a good liquid organic soap?

Like all soap, it starts with the saponification process. Oils are mixed with lye and result in a chemical reaction. The outcome is soap and glycerin.

Choosing oils is a very important step in soap making. Each oil will have a different quality in the final product. Oils come from many sources. One source is plant oils. Coconut oil gives tremendous, bubbly lather to your soap. Sunflower oil gives a rich creamy lather that's very moisturizing. Olive oil is very moisturizing and mild .

Another fat used in soap making is tallow, or rendered beef fat. Be aware that hormones and antibiotics are stored in the fat of animals and may end up in your soap. It may show up in the ingredients list as "sodium tallowate".

Potassium hydroxide (lye) is then mixed with the fat to create soap. No lye is in the final product as it has reacted with the oils to form soap and glycerin.

Keep an eye on the ingredient list of the liquid soap you are using. Soaps that are made from plant oils and are certified organic will keep your soap free from harmful synthetic chemicals that end up on your skin and make their way into your bloodstream.

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