Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Shea Butter Body

What are the benefits of using shea butter on your skin? The Shea Institute gives 21 reasons for you to use shea butter daily for healthy skin care:

Dry skin , skin rash, peeling skin, acne, wrinkles, dry, itching skin, sunburn, a great shaving cream, small skin wounds, rough skin, cold weather protection, frost bites, prevention from stretch marks during pregnancy, insect bites, to have healthy skin, muscle aches, skin allergies from poison oak or ivy, eczema and skin damage from heat.

Shea Butter is superior from other seed oils is due to it's exceptionally large healing fraction. The healing fraction, contains important nutrients, vitamins, and other valuable phytonutrients required for healing.

Shea butter is available in unscented, lavender, citrus, grapefruit, hazelnut coffee, orange ginger, and vanilla orange. Super nourishing and moisturizing!

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