Monday, July 6, 2009

Is Shea Butter Superior Over Other Natural Oils?

Shea butter is natural fat extracted from the fruit of the shea or karite tree. This tree grows naturally in the wild in West Africa. With so many oils available, what makes shea butter better?

According to an article written by The Shea Institute, most seed oils are divided into two fractions. Fraction #1 or saponified fraction, contains most of the moisturizing properties. Fraction #2 or nonsaponified fraction contains most of the healing properties. Shea butter is set apart from other seed oils due to it's large healing fraction which contains important nutrients, vitamins, and other valuable phytonutrients required for healing. The article states that this natural cream is used to treat many skin problems like blemishes, wrinkles, itching, sunburns, wounds, eczema, skin allergies, insect bites, frost bite and other skin conditions.

That is why the shea tree got it's name, the karite tree, which means the TREE OF LIFE.

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